About Aikido Training – What is the aim of Aikido by Peter Shapiro Sensei (11.01.2021)

I just had an intense and very productive practice with my student urs keller-sensei.
Unfortunately there are no videos, but i want to emphasize some absolute fundamentals of aikido which have been forgotten or ignored.
Above all, there is a sentence of O-sensei’s in Take Musu Aiki (Page 39), where he says that „aikido was born for/as misogi.“

みそぎ のために 合気道は生まれてきたのであります

So its martial art function is meaningless except as it can function as,- become, misogi.
Next, O-sensei defines aikido techniques as kamu waza, whose purpose is to connect the heart of the practitioner with kami, or divine energy…

Further O-sensei says that it was kami that created aikido.
This was expressed in our practice by the techniques revealing no-separation-oneness,
thus no other, no enemy.
-Zanshin is the natural result of that oneness, or as hikitsuchi-sensei said, it is the activity of the soul….